Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Door Opens

You Closed that Door..
Yell at Yourself for Falling for the Whore,
A Tear Rolling Down Your Chin,
Toss Her Things into a Bin,
And Don't Want to Look Again,
You Smile for the While,
Until You Crumple the Pile,
You look Like Another Man,
One You Bearly Remember,
Or One You really Don't Even Know.. Anymore."
All Anybody Ever Sees..
Is Only What You Show,
Or Something You never Let Go!"
And When You Finally Move On,
You Begin to Look at Life Like it Wasn't Alway there.."
Like You Didn't Know the Other Door wasn't Gone."
No Worry, No Care. You Grow Strong.
No longer Will You Easily Break,
Just Bend, Begin to Mend,
Find Another Lover, Make a New Friend,
You Find What You Were Looking For,
And it All Starts,..
With the Opening of
Another Door!"

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