Friday, January 8, 2010

My Own Poem

My Morals have been Tossed, I Feel Alone and Lost,
I'm Losing my Mind, I've Just Been Boozin' and Loosin'
While Waistin' my Time. I'm no Longer Tryin'.
I'm Sick of Cryin'. I Hate Myself a little more and more everyday.."
But Not Today, No Longer, Will I Sit Here, and Wait.
And Hope One Day Again, Life Will Be Great.. that's not my Fate."

I'm Gonna Be Somebody. Make Some Money,
Buy a House, And Start a Family..
Gain More Friends, and Follow Trends."
Work Hard at Work, Be the Next Captain Kirk.
Buy Another House on the Shore,
And Always Look Forward.. For Something More!.."

Life is Hard, You Can Live Unscathed But You Might Get Scarred."
It's not a Park Walk, And Talk is Cheap, But You Need to take that Leap!"
Take a Grip my Man, You Only Need You,
Not Somebody to Always Hold Your Hand,..
You Live Your Own Show, And You are the Star,
When Your Feeling Low, Jumpin' in Your Car,
Green Means Go! My Son, You Will Go Far!.."

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