Friday, January 8, 2010

That Smilin' Face

Don't think I Forgot, the Times we Shared,
Don't Believe, that I never Cared,
Don't Listen, to What Other People Say,
You Were my Life, You Were my Night and Day!
Don't Forget Who You Are, Life is Not a Race..
And Don't think you Won't Go Far,
And Don't You Change, That Smilin' Face."

Don't Look at Life As if it's Lost,
Hold On and Stay Strong at any Cost..
You Don't need Another Man,
To Make You Feel Your Dream's Weren't Tossed.
Don't Be Affraid of Being Alone
Your Dreams aern't Lost,You Can Still Chase..
I'll be the One to Drive You Home,
And Don't You Change, That Smilin' Face."

Don't find Yourself Stuck in the Past,
Don't let Hard Time's and Bad Memories Hit You Fast,
Live For the Moment, And Make it Last..
Don't think Your Body is a Curse,
Don't think Your Caringness is getting Worse..
Don't Be Affraid to Trust, And Don't be Guarded to Lust.
Baby, You'll One Day Find Your Place..
And Don't You Change, That Smilin' Face!"

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