Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pickup Call

We Made Out Against the Wall,
Until We Made it to the Hall,
It Started Getting Hott,
Then Clothes Came Off,
She Layed me Down and
then She Got on Top!"
Tunred Out the Light..
I'd Claw at Her,
She Began to Bite,
I'll Admit, I Didn't put up
Much of a Fight..."
I Only Gave Her My Number,
But She Followed me Home,
It Started as "Hello, How are You?"
And it Climbed up with a Screw for Two..
But it Ended with a "Girl I Once Knew"
All in All I thought the Blind Date Went Well,
Until She Offered me a Ride to hell."
But Herself Wouldn't Come Along.
I was there in the Spring, Winter and Fall..
The Man Who Became the Booty Call."
But That's okay. I Don't Need One Woman.
I Want them All."

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