Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Does Love have to be Just a Game?

"People Fall In and Out of Love Everyday,
But if Your willing to Play,
Do You Think I'll really Want to Stay?"
This is what Cause's Men like Me to just Walk Away.."
It's Getting Kind of Lame..
Why is Your Love Such a Game?"

I'd Laugh in the Rain,
But I Won't Smile for My Pain,
I Feel, So I Kneel.. Is this Your Way of Love?"
Are You Being Fake or is this Real?
It's a Shame, that You Even Ever Came,
Can't You See You're Drving me Insane..
Why Does Your love Have to be a Game?"

There might be Givers,
And there Might be Takers,
But Fakers,.. Are Heart Breakers.."
How Can You Fall in Love with One?
If There All the Same...
Why Does Love, Have to Be, Just a Game?"

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