Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Hour

The Girls all Smile,.. Even When the Meal Ain't Hot,
You Like his Company, And You Want to Buy him the Shot!"
He Warms you up, Before he Even Poors Your Cup,
You Take a Sip, And You Can't Help But Tip!"

Humming and Running Around the Caffe'
Always Has Something Funny to Say,
Dancing and Skipping Around the Table..
More Entertaining then at Home Cable!"

Tossing Your Straws Bows at Applause,
And Never Flaws..Making Your Dinner a Time of Fun,
Before You Go Back Out and Enjoy that Sun.
This Server will Serve for Everyone!"

He'll Walk to a Beat, Keep You Laughing in Your Seat,
Skip's Along, Sing's a Good Song, Apologise's When Wrong,
Say Sorry Sir, and Thank you to Her!.."
Nothing Greater then a Waitor, You Can all talk too.."

Small Talk, Long Talk, Not a Robot, Or a Fancy Rock,
Make you Enjoy the Place,..
And Leave You With a Smile,
On the Face!"

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