Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poker Ladies

Play Pool, Play Shirades, Damn it I needed an Ace of Spades
So Your a Gambling Joker? Then let's all play poker.
Hold'them down, Move your eye's all around,
Flop it to the Ground, Do you expect me to show you all my cards?
Look at your Chips and not at her Lips,
Gambling at stakes, Doing whatever it takes,
Playing for Sins, Hearts and Diamonds,
A Game of Risk and Not of Luck, Like Hockey without the Puck,
Like Basketball with only air, Not like Football fighting fair,
Your getting hot like a Legend, Like a Flame,
Like you were Born to play this Game,
No Worries, No Cares, Look at me ride like Hot Stuff, No Just a Bluff.
Jokes on you but you don't think it's funny, You need the Money to Win this Honey,
Red Means Remember, Black Means Luck,
I want your eyes on me but how do I do it without the Green Stuff.
Now you lost the deck and your a wreck, But you figure Oh' what the heck?
You Don't think twice, and you roll the dice, and when you do, you do Pay the Price."

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