Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Like About You

I Like That Smile On You, You don't think it True,
But When I Kiss Your Lips You Know I Do,
I Like Your Hair Messy in the Morning Out of Bed,
I Also Like it Dry, But I Like it Better Wet,
And You Say No Way, and I Say You Bet!

"I Like Watching You Get Up To Close That Door,
I Like it Even More to Just Look Into Your Eyes,
and When You Look Back into Mine,
I Like Staying Up Late With You to a Quarter after Four,
But It Never Feels Later Then a Half Past Nine,
I Like You All the Time"

I Like How You Make Me Feel Like a Dog When it Wags it's Tail,
Your Reaction When You Break a Nail,
I Like How You Still Think I Can Fix Anything,
I'm Standing Outside Your Shower Just To Hear You Sing,
I Like Almost Everything"

But What I Don't Like is Your Past HeartBreak
and a Love that Didn't Stay True,
It's Ok I've Also Had One, a Time or Two."
I Like That You Tried Again with Someone New,
But What I Like the Most, Of You I Like,
I Like Just Loving You!"

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