Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Minnesota Man

"I'll Grab You a Drink, Now Tell Me What You Think, Tell Me Your Plans
About Where Are Love and Are Future Stands,
She Said She's Going to Follow Her Heart,
Go Out into the World and Have a Brand New Start,
She Said "I Wouldn't Forget about You and Me,
I'm Gonna Become What I've Always Wanted to be
But Honey Won't You Come With Me?"

"I Love Your Lips, I Love Your Hair, I Love Your Eyes,
I Love Your Stare and I Love Your Face,
But the Only Thing I Love More then Your Love is this Place.."
I'm Sorry I Can't Come with You My Dear,
It's My Heaven For Me Right Here."

"So Your Going For Your Education,..
Go Tackle the World You Will be a Great Sensation,
But I'd Be Lieing if I said You Were My Inspiration,
Be a Doctor and Cure That Disease, I Wish You Peace,
Be a Hard-Working Big Banking Assistant,
Show Someone That Stain is Non-Resistant,
Get a Career in Math, All I Can Say is Good Luck
And All be here if you Ever Come Back!"

Cause if I'm Not Apart of Your Heart
We Can Still Achieve if You Don't Leave
I Want You In My Life, I Want You As My Wife
But if You Go Be a Girl in a Sorority and if You
Ever Wanna See me
This is Where I'll Be!
Move to Another Land,
Maybe to a Place with an Ocean and Some Sand,
But if You Ever Wanna See me Again
This is Where I Stand,
A Minnesota Man!"

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