Thursday, August 20, 2009

All My Girls Are Gone

The Nurse Came Up to Me,
"Congratulaions Your a Daddy..
It's a Baby Girl and it's so Very Healthy,
But Were Losing Her Mommy,
And Sir I'm So Very Sorry.."
..And Now Everyday I Still Carry On,
That My Girl is Gone, But I don't Feel So Alone,
I Must Raise This Baby All On My Own.

I Held this Little Girl in My Arm,
Baby, I'm Your Daddy, I Mean you No Harm,
I Hear Your HeartBeat, I Hope it Stays Stronger
Then That of Your Mom,
Couldn't Help But Think I Would Rail
Any Male Who'd Ever Do You Wrong,
I'm Sorry I'm Speechless, or I'd Sing You a Song,
Let's take You Home, And Don't Worry Your Little
Furry Friend Can Tag Along

I Must Teach Her Wrong From Right?
Also Don't Forget To Turn On that
TinkerBell Light and Kiss-n-Tuck Her In at Night
I Love This Little Girl, I Hold Her Hand and Make Her Twirl,
Make Her Drink All Her Milk So She Grows Big and Strong,
Take Her On a Drive and Listen To Our Favorite Song,
I Listen To Her Little White Lies that make me Laugh,
I Teach Her Math and I Also Brush Her Hair After Every Bath"

I Built Her a Play-House High in a Tree,
We Always Have Toons Blareing on the Tv.
I Tell Her About a Sponge Who Lived Under The Sea.
Tell Her I'm Older Then a Dvd..
She Grew Up Fast, But Much To Slow,
Now When I Lift Up My Brow,
She Just Replies Don't Have a Cow!"

Whatever Happened to that Baby Girl I Once Knew,
Like When She Was Two, Now No Longer Plays Peek-A-Boo
She Just Went On Up and Suddenly Grew,
I Wish I Could Ask Her Mom for Help She'd Know What to Do,
I Wish You Could See This Girl, That Came From Me and You..
Would You Be Sad, Would You Be Glad, Happy or Mad?
All I Know is That You Would Love Her As Much As I Had,
She Has Your Eye's, She Has Your Smile,
She Even Love's Me As Much As You Did.
From this Baby I Hide My Tear,
That I Wish, You Were Still Here..

Then on One Sad Day
I had To Give My Grown-up-Girl Away.
I Had to Walk Her Down That Aisle
and Give Her That Finale Smile,
I Gave the Man a Glance,
and We Had are Father Bride Dance.
I Listened to Her Say Give Him a Chance,
That's When She Finally Saw My Tear,
and She Whispered in My Ear,
Now You Listen Here,
I'm Your Daughter and I'm Glad
Your My Dad!..
And Now Everyday I Still Carry On,
Thinkin All My Girls Are Gone!"

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