Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reality Bite

I Need a Shave, I Don't Smell the Best, I Just Lay
at Home Because I need the Rest,
My Mood is Going Up and Down in So Many Ways, I Miscount the Days,
Right Now I Feel Like I'm Good For Nothing,
And To Everyone Else It's Not a Big Deal How I Feel,
Do I Have a Heart, Do I Even Have a Soul?
I'm Tired of Chasing Tail, Would My Momma Even Recognize Me?
I'm Not The Boy That I Used to Be."

Take A Shower and Make Your Bed, All Cook You Some Food
to Make Sure That Your Fed, Get Dressed Right Now,
Did You Hear What I Said? Pickup These Clothes, This House Looks Like Shit,
How Can People Even Live in it?
It's Monday Morning and the First of June,
Here's The Paper, I Hope You Find a Damn Job Soon,
How Dare You to Think, Yo Momma Don't Care,
I Love You Son, Now Take Care Of Yourself, Your The Man of The House."

She Might Age To Other People But Not To Me,
She Has Her Heart Soul and Mind,
and I Should Tell Her I Love Her More of the Time,
You Make Me Believe I Can Do This, So I Think I Might,..
Without You I Couldn't Feel Reality Bite

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