Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Don't Need this Ball

"I Never Had a Clue of What I Knew,
All I Could Do is Throw This Ball Back at You,
She Had Her Wet Brown Hair all Drenched in Sweet,
With a Dark Blue Eyes She Looked Up at Me and Said..

"I'm Sorry if I Couldn't Catch that Ball at All,
and I'm Sorry How I Hit that TRuck it's Not My Favorite Brand,
and Sorry How I Got Glad When You Hit that Sand,
Cause See Boy, Your My Catch and I Don't Need That Ball at All.

Every Girl Who Would Walk in Are Cross, I Never Threw to them a Toss,
Cause as Far as I can See, it's Only You and Me,
Every Boy Who Would Walk By and Clap,
She'd Say "No Way Cause I'm His Beer and He's My Tap,"

Yeah, We Were Throwin Balls While Her Girls Were at a Bathrrom Stall,
and When They Got There it Was not Fair,
Cause They Took Her Away Like a Dark Sunday,
and Everytime I Go Back to That Same Spot Where We Threw that Ball,
I Never See that Girl at All.."

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