Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our First Kiss

"When That Alcohol Took You On A Heavy Ride
I'm The Guy Who Took You in, Got You a Pillow,
And Layed You On Your Side."
And This is Why, Every Guy, Wonders Why, I Try
to Survive, This is Why, It's This, This Kiss."

"We Were Just Two Little Todds
Holding Our Fishing Rods
We Would Just Sit There and Talk
While Our Legs Dangled From The Dock

"And I See You Take that Driveway Up and Down,
Just Like Your Wearing a Crown, I'm The Girl Who's Your Queen."
And All the Girls Wonder Why, I Get This
Tear in my Eye, This is Why, It's This, This Kiss."

You Need to Understand, You Got a Man, With a Plan,
Take My Hand, It Looks Like it Might Storm
So Cuddle Up To Me Where it's Nice and Warm,
It's Ok to Worry, It's Ok To Be Under So Much Stress
Atleast We Know Your Not a Mess..
Did You Ever Miss? Do You Remember This?
"Yes, It Was Our First Kiss."

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