Monday, November 9, 2009


Like an Unwanted Hunter Hiding His Kill in the Ditch
Like a Salesman Using his Everyday Pitch,
Like a Server Sticking Around to Make Her Hourly Wage
Like a Lion Felt like Being Locked in a Cage,
To a Person Driving with Only One Headlight On
To Somebody Going up on stage to Sing a Song,
To a Grandma Who Bakes the Best Bannana Bread
From Momma Who Won't Be Happy Until Your Fed,
From a Bride Who's Steals Your Pride
To a Son Who Won't Leave Your Side,
Like a Player Who Can Never Change his Game,
From a Loser who bows his head in Shame
To a Drifer who has to Lie about Changing his Name,
From a Highschool Drop-Out due to a Pregnancy Test.
To An Old Wise Veteran Who Earned his Rest,
To a Lady fighting a Cancerous Disease,
To a Priest wanting Peace,
To a Child Saying Yes more Please.
To a Cop who started the Crime,
From an innocent still doing time.
To a Gambler who will try to win at any Cost
From a Co-Worker who's Sick of Being Bossed,
To a Best Friend Who was Double Crossed.
To a Beauitful hair Honey Who Feels the Need for Bleach,
To a Baby Who Can Bearly Reach,
To a Surfer Who's Waiting for a Wave,
From a Profit Who's expected to Save.
This is the Land of the Brave."

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