Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Go-Far Man

He Remains Always Happy and he Will Sweep You Off Your Feet,
His Mood Always Stays so UpBeat,
He Will Never Admit Defeat, And When He's Talking,
He Will Have You Smilin' in Your Seat,
He Will Always Remember Your Name, Everytime You Meet and Greet.
His Pitch is Never the Same.
He Always Changes his Game, He's Not a Player,
But He Bring's Shy Wandering Lonely Eye's to Shame.
He's the Man You Want to Choose,
Because He Will Never Tell You How To Lose,
His Presence never Goes Unseen.
His Clothes are all Dirt Cheap and His Hair is Always Cut and Clean.
He Will Think Big And Want to Go Green.
You'd Think He had Symbol on his Chest with a Giant "S"
He Won't Settle for Second Best, He Looks to Sky's and never lies.
He Will Listen, But that's a Given."
Dances to Love Shack, For What You Lack,
This Man Will Always Have Your Back."
He Back's Up his Points, and Show's You the Fact's,
Let's Get Back to Brass Tasks, He will Meet You in Joints,
Put's Romance in His Dance, And Will Give Any One a Second Chance,
Skip's Down the Hall,He's the One You Want to Call,
When You think You've Heard it All.
He's Sometimes Early, But He's Never Late."
But What You Think Most of Him that is Great,
Is How You Look at Him, And Wish You Could Relate."
The Go-Far Man, Does the Best He Can.
So, How Do I Know all of this?
Because that's Just Who I Am."

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