Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cancer Sadness

Someday I Will Be Going Way.. And I Can't Come Back,
But Don't Think I Don't Know, That You Don't Want Me to Go When I Do,
Don't Look so Sad, And Don't Get Mad Later, You Were my Best Friend,
The Best I Ever Had, But It's Not Late For You, Too Start a New,
I Hope Someday You Find Someone, Who Can Make You Happy,Your Still Young,
Live Your Life and Have Some Fun, Don't Cry for Me, I Once had it All,
I Just Couldn't See, You Brought Out the Best in Me,
Don't Be Shy, Sit and Wonder Why? Never Lie, Live Everyday Like Your Gonna Die,
Nobody in the World is Better, Better then You,
To the World You Are Only One, But to One, You are the World.
Don't Be Affraid to Fall or Fail, If You Believe, You Will Achieve,
I'm Sorry But One Day I will Have to Leave.. I'm Sorry When I was Tuff,
Just Because I Had it Ruff, Stay on Your Feet, Listen and Repeat,
If You Never Ask, You'll Never Learn, If You Never Fail, You'll Never Earn,
My Time is Almost Up, So Now it's Your Turn, I mIght have Gave you that Line,
Almost all of the Time, And When You Thought You Had Enough,
I Showed You How to Love.. But Can You Stay Strong? And Stilly Carry-On,
When I'm Gone, I Know it's a Sad Song, But What's Worse, is that it's Mine,
It Might Get Better in Time, All I Know is I'm Not Ready to Go, But it's Not my Call,
I'll Miss You All, My Speech is Getting slower.. My Eyes are Getting Lower,
This is Not me Getting Older, But Your Voice is starting to Fade Away,
As I Lay and Watch You Prey, I Hope You Can Come See me Again Someday."

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