Monday, November 9, 2009

Late Angel, Early Devil

I Got a Handful of Problems,
But Who Doesn't?
Yes I Sin,
I Sin Every Now and Then,
Doctor Says,..
"I Have to Pop These Pills,
Again and Again,"
But Hopefully Not Forever
I Fight About it With my Father,
But We Both Try to Get along,
Because We Both Need One Another.
If You Need Some Help,
I'll Offer You What I Can,
Don't Thank Me,
Because That's Just Who I Am,
I'll Try to Re-Arrange,
But I Will Never Change,
You Might Look at Me
And Only See Another Pretty Face
But What You Might Not Know,
Is What I Don't Show,
You Wouldn't Want Me,
If You Only Want What You See,
It's Best You Just Move Along,
I'm Not What You Seek,
In The End I'll Do You Wrong,
So Just Turn A Cheek,
But You Can Still Have a Chair,
Everybody Knows me Here,
I'm Not Saying I'm a Star
Maybe Only At My Favorite Bar,
So People Talk, Just Let them Talk, Because it's Only Talk,
If You See Tears Fall from my Chin,
Don't Ask, Because I Don't Want to Bring You in,
We Just met to Late, Not on Time,
If I see You When I'm more Braver,.
Hopefully I Can Laugh about this Later."
Here's a Tip, Try not to Forget,
Because I Care, Here's the Spill..
If you Don't Like Yourself,
Nobody Will."

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