Monday, November 9, 2009

Mrs. Right

Im Starting to Get Sick of these Different Girls Week after Week.
And the Other One's in Between, that I have to Sneak.
I Hate Braggin' to my Buddies about a One Night Stand,
And Listen to them Tell me that "I'm the Man."
It Was First All In Fun, But Now I Really Want to Find the One.
The One Who Can Make All these Chasing Days Done.
Someone I Can Finally Find that I Can Call Mine,
In the End Be Worth All of the Wasted Time.
I Will Keep Searching, Because I Know if A Mr. Right is Lurking,
Then by Chance Maybe this Mister, Has a Sister.
I Promise Myself I'll turn my Life Around, When Lady Right is Found."

Soon I Want Young Ones, Playing Dolls or Shooting Guns,
Take them Out to Eat Burgers at a Bar, Take Home Fries in a Styrofone Box,
Only to Leave them Cold in the Car, Grab a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cone
So They Can Fall asleep on Our Way Back From the Lake Home,
And they can sit in the Back Seat as they Dangle there Feet,
As I turn my Head Right, Me and my Lady's Eyes Will Meet,
The House Will Always Be a Mess, Collect Photo's of my New Life,
Lay in My Bed and Watch my Lady Undress, Except this Lady's my Wife,
After We Blow Off Stress, I'll Smile, Because I Found Happyness.
And I Will Hold Her Tight Through Out Out the Night,..
Hopefully All this Will Happen.. When I Find Mrs. Right.."

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