Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Secure Lure

His Confidence is Growing, and Your Questions Keep Flowing,
He's a Mystery Man, the One you Don't Quite Understand,
the One you Can't Quite Figure Out, But Want to Find Out What's He's All About.
He's a Mystery Man, You Would Very Much Like to Know, But He Doesn't Show,
You Don't Know his Past and When You Ask, He Looks the Other Way Fast,
He'a a Mystery Man, You Wonder How He Does the thing's he does,
He Can Lay You any Line on Time, and the Further that You Climb,
He Won't Show You a Sign, You Can't See Through His Eye's Like Other Guy's.
There's Something about him that make's him not like all the same,
He Brings all the Other Little Predictable Boy's to Shame,
He's a Mystery Man, Is that Even his Real Name?
Persuasive and Embrassive, Suspuspicous Yet Delicious,
Your Always Interested in What He Has To Say, But Who is he anyway? Could he be Gay?
He Might Not Dress to Impress, You Listen More When He Tells You Less,
But He Doesn't Confess Like all The Rest, You Don't Fear Of what You Might be Preapared
to Hear, But it Doen't Matter what he whisper's in Your Ear, He Won't Tell You Dear,
He Never Let's Up More then He Has Too. And that Intrigues You,
Oh Mystery Man, How Do you Do the Thing's You Do?
He Could Just Say Goodbye, Or Wear a Suit And a Tie, Or Never ever have to Try,
Make You Believe maybe people Can Fly, Without Telling a Lie,..
And You Would Just Want to Know Why? Who is This Guy? He's a Mystery, Who is He?
He's a Mystery Man."

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