Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Independent Woman

He's Got You Tied to His Tree,
And You Forgive him When He Untie's You Free,
That's Not a Good Reason to Do What he will Do,
Don't Allow Someone to Step All Over You.
You Should be the One to Flee,
But You Shouldn't Be So Blind To See,
Even if He Soon Admit's He was Wrong,
That's No Reason for you Two too Continue on,.
Don't go Along, If You Know He Doesn't Belong,
A Women Can Alway's be Equally or more so Strong,
He Will Call and Cry Through the Phone,
And Lighten his Tone, Next Time You Two are Alone,
He Might think it's all Okay at the End of the Day,
But it's You, Who always has the Final Say,
He Will Look into Youe Eyes, to Apologise for Lies,
There Might Be a Million Fish in the Sea,
But There's always a Fishermen fishing like me,
Just Beacause he's Really Good at Something,
Doesn't Mean He's Not a Good for Nothing,
But Don't take this Asshole Attraction to Shock,
A Good Boy Can go Bad to Get a Woman to Talk,
Don't Be the One Who Should Have Ran,
Never Be Affraid of Losing One Man,
A Beauty Such as You Shouldn't Allow this shit to Stand!"

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