Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skippable Rock

Some Might Be Solid, they all Come in many Shape's and Size's.
But Every Single One of them was made to be Unique,
The Color Might Catch you Eye, Anyone of them can Fly
But You Best Believe any Set can Jet Across with a Toss,
Some are like a Saucer, Don't make that Mistake,
Because Each and Everyone of them has the Potential to be Great.
To Skip and Make You Smile, Through any Old Yellow Lake,
Any Rock is Skippable, Anyone of them can be Beauitiful
Any Object or a Thing Can be Compared to a She,
This Object that is Mine, I've Loved her for all Time,
If I Love her Splash, I Say that's my Favorite Sound,
If You Find a Favorite that You Seek, Don't Worry you can Keep.
If Not for You, You can Always Turn Back Around
And Continue Lookin' Down, Keep Your Eye's on the Ground
Until the Right One for Who, is You is Found."

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