Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Song

Soon I Might Have to Live Alone, I'm Driving Across the Sunset Strip,
Leaving the Place I used to Call Home, Listening to the Radio.
I Compare this Singer's Song to my Own Life which is really Going On."
I Got Some Money, But it's Just Enough for us to Live.
It Might Sound Greedy, But it's True, I Just Can't afford a Love Like You.
I Wish there was Something, Something I Could Do."
To Keep on Livin' with a Girl Like You, i Want to Make You Happy
I Want make you the Best, Because the Best You Will One Day Be."
I Only Wish it Would be with me."
I Know You Got to Start down here, To Look up there,
I Got a Job, I Know People, But I Don't Want You to Go,
I Got You Girl, But What I Do Not Know, is For How Long,
So That's Why I Cry, Everytime I Hear this Song."

I'm Sitting at Home Alone, My Boy Left Out On a Trip
I Wish He Would Walk Back in, And we Could Start Again,
My Favorite Song is on the Tv, it Reminds me of the Boy I Knew,
I Wish He Could See, I Don't Care about the Money,
I Only Care that he Love's Me, He Might Not think it's True,
I Want to be the One for You, I'd Be So Happy, if He'd Stay
I've Never Wanted Nothing More, then for Him to Walk Back
in thru that Door.I Just Wish I, Wasn't the Reason..
He Won't Stop Fighting For, We Got to Start Right Here,
And then We'll Make it Out There. You Were the Only One,
Who Had a Chance, When You Asked me To Dance,
So I Would Never Leave, So Don't Ever Think I Will,
You Can't Ever Do me Wrong and that's Why this is, My Favorite Song."

I'm Sorry, I Can't Give You What You Want, I Am All I Got.And That's Okay, I Don't Need all of that anyway, Cause You What I Want."
I Want to Buy You Alot of Pretty Things, Like Diamonds and Rings.
Who Need's Those?.. There Just Things."
I Want to Take You to a Special Place.
Why? When I Can Just Look at Your Face."
I Want to Make Your Dreams Come True.
Then Just Give Me You."
I Want You to Know, that I Care."
I Already Know You Do...
All I Want From You is You to Continue, the Love that we Share."

So I just Sit Home and Just Stay Strong,
Hoping My Boy Ain't Gone.
I Hope that's Him Opening the Door..
It's Our Song."

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