Monday, November 9, 2009

Scarecrow Baby

"I'm Pretty Hardcore, When I Roll that Toilet Paper to the Floor,
And How I Holler and Scream When I Pound on the Door,
I'll Tangle up your Slinky and Whip Out my Binky,
What's Yours is Mine and What's Mine is Also Mine, Pull on Your Hair,
I Don't Care about the word Share, And I'll Write on the Wall,
When You ain't there, I Will Fill up my Booty with Poopie,
And I'll Leave it All, Just For You, to Do!"

If Your Under Less Stress, I'll Make a Mess,
If You Think it Can't Get Any Worse, Your Not the Only One
Who Can Poor Out Your Purse, I'll Clog up the Drain,
Make You Go insane, but You Can't Complain Cause I Got Only
Half a Brain, I'll Leave Food on my Chin, And I Always Win,
Don't Play Dumb Around Me, Or You Will See,
How Bad this Baby Can Be!"

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