Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heaven Sent

Maybe Somebody Out There Did Intend Are Beginning to Our End,
For That, They Gave Me You, My Angel, That God Did Send."
Both Are Destinies Were Written, That's What I am Thinkin,
Just Give it a Moment to Sink in, We Both Followed the Goal to Win,
You Can't Take a Look, But You Might Be the Best Chapter in my Book,
My Book of Life, It was God's Plans, And Meeting You Was Fate in His Hands.
So Baby, Can't You See, that Just Maybe, You and Me Were Meant to Be."

Destiny Was Calling Me, Since I Was Three, Until I Turned into the Man,
That I was Meant to Be, Even Though We Were Born Apart,
Raised From a Different Start, It Was God's Design,
That I Would Find a Key to Your Heart And Make You Mine.
Like a Legend, Like a Flame, Like I Was Born to Play this Game,
It Might Sound Crazy, Maybe a Little Insane, Or Pretty Lame,
But I Didn't Know the Meaning of Life Until You Came."

You Might Not Care, But There Was a Reason Me and You Met There,
Are Life's Will One Day Unfold, Even Though Are Story Might Not Ever Be Told.
You Might Not Believe or Never Think, But Sometimes I Look up at the Sky's and Wink.
How's Come You Look Like an Angel, And You Act Like One Too.
For If All Of What I Said is True, Then Lord I Thank You!"

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