Thursday, October 15, 2009

Burning Bad Memories

Burning Bad Memories Down to the Ground,
Ash Turned My Life Back Around.
When Everything is Burned,
My New Life Will Be Earned,
I Know Watching the Past Burn,
Is Not a Good Way To Learn,
But I Seem to Think it Should,
As I Pile on More Fire Wood,
Don't Worry About the Future,
Don't Worry About the Past,
Worry About the Now and How
to Make it Last."
Now That Old Highschool Joke,
And the Girl that Got My Heart Broke,
Turned into a Cloudy Roll of Dark Smoke,
That Old Highschool Flame that
I Once Wanted Back Turned into Black
Snap, Crackle and Pop,
I Can't Hear my Heart Beat,
But I Feel the Heat Beneath my Feet,
As I See an Old Ribbon,
That Once Read Seventh Place,
I Wipe the Ashfall From my Face,
That Photograph I Took With the Stripper by a Pole,
When My Life Took a Toll,
And Every Other Little Sin I Put in a Bin
Is Gonna Burn With the Coal."
My Ex-Wifes Ring is Burnin' with the Tin
And that's Just One More Thing I'm Throwin' in."
That September, I Will Always Remember,
But Any Other Bad Memory
Is Gonna Burn Down Right in Front of Me,
If You All Wanna Come,
Your All Welcome to See..
I Bow my Head in Shame,
As I Stare Down at the Flicker of the Flame."

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