Sunday, October 4, 2009

Paradise Ain't Shit Without You!

Paradise is Nice, But Not Enough to Sacrafice my favorite Slice,
Cause You Would Look So Good Under that Sheet in my Hotel Sweet.
I'd Love to Look at Your Smile as I Rub Your Feet,
Wake up in the Morning and see You Lyin' next to Me,
There is No Other Place in the World I'd Rather Be, I Love it Here,
But Without you my Dear, It's Just Another View,
Paradise Ain't Shit Without You!"

I Miss the Curve of Your Body and the Touch of Your Skin,
Body Shots and Your Bikini Tops, That Coconutt Butt
in Your Bikini is what I'd like to see as you strutt your Stuff,
Stay up Late Laying in a Hammock, Watch the Sun go Down as we Talk,
This Sunset has lost it's Mean, It Just Ain't a Thing for a King
if He Ain't Got His Queen, It's Like a Burrito without a Bean..

I Wonder How your Doing way Back Home,
I Wish I Could Call You on my Phone, Meet You at the Bar all alone,
Just Have You all For my Own, But I wait to Lower my Foam
and Look at My Beer, Thinkin' Paradise just Ain't Shit Without You Here!"

When I Arrive Back From that Five Hour Flight,
I'm Gonna Jump Off that Plane and Hold You Tight!
You Might Ask "How was Your Trip?" And I'll Respond "Yeah it was Alright."
But Right Now I'm Gonna Make Love to You all Late in the Night,
And there's just One Little Thing I'd Like to Share,
When I Give You That Long Yard Stare,
That Paradise Just Ain't Shit Without You There!"

The Sun.. I Don't Care.
The Beach.. I Don't Care.
The View.. I Don't Care.
if you Ain't There!"

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