Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Mermaid Saved Me

A Mermaid Saved Me, But I wasn't Stranded at Sea,
Shovel and Pails, Fins and Tales,
She'd Sing and She'd Rhyme,
She'd Rise Above and I'd Fall in Love Everytime,
Her Scales would appeal, When She'd Laugh
She'd Squeel, and Slither in the Water just Like a Seal,
She Hated Her Fins, When She Saw my Feet,
She Kissed My Lips when We First Did Meet,
Yes I Got a Kiss,
From an Under Water Princess of Atlantis,
I Saw Her Hair Dry, But I Like it Better Wet,
She Was Caught in my Net,
I'd Ask her what's her Name
Although She's Never Tell,
I'd Never Let Off that She was a Fish,
Even though holding her in my arms
Was any man's Wish,
She'd Smile and I'd Say "Stay Awhile"
And I Swear I saw a Tear in Her Eye
When She Waved me Goodbye,
If I Were to Give Her Cash,
She'd Just Give me a Splash and Treat it like Trash,
Because to her it's just Paper Drenched in a Bath,
Not Like a Girl, I Didn't Give her a Shell,
I Gave Her a Bell and if You Ever Want to see
this Man again, Ring Her Like Hell,
Now I Hope she Know's what she Mean's to me,
Go Live Your Life and Be Wild and Free,
For You are the Mermaid that Saved me!"

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