Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is Lichor a Lady?

You Might Just Say that it Can't Be a Him or a He,
It's an Object, But a Very Desirable one,
it Can Make a Son or a Girl, Any Unplannable Baby,
It is Capable of Making You Fall in Love and it's Not a She,
Don't You Possibly think just Maybe, Lichor's a Lady."

When She's Gone
You Wonder What it is, You Did Wrong,
She'll Lift You Up and Make You Sing a Song,
She Can Make You Happy, Make You Cry,
Look Back at Your Life and Make You Wann Die.."

Make You Think Your Funny, But Sometime's Only need You to Give it Money,
Make You Talk about Things You Never Thought You Would,
Make You Do Things That You Never Thought You Should,
Make You Smoke a Hundred Ciggaretts in One Night,
Put You on the Best Ride, Unleash Your Spirit inside,
And Then Get Up, When You Need it Most and Leave Your Side..

Is Lichor a Lady?
When You Have a Taste of that Bottle of Whiskey,
Do You Ever Look at Her and Ask Did You Miss me?"
Did You Love that Feeling and Never Want it to Leave?"
So Only if You Believe, Lichor's a Lady.."

Did You Ever Look at a Glass of Whine, So Divine,
And Ask Yourself How Do I Ever Make it mine?
Did You Ever Rate Your Mate,
And Say that's a Perfect Ten,
Well if She isn't, And You Think the Searching is Done,
I Know of a Woman, That Can Make You Find One.."

It Might Sound a Little Crazy, But to me,
Lichor's a Lady."

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