Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm just that into You

Honey You Talk to Fast
and You Got me Thinkin,
I'm Tryin' to Listen, But I'm Blocked
by Your Beauty,It's Blinded me to see,
Past What Your Tryin' to say to me,

I Don't Want to get a Word in,
How Could I ever even Begin?
I Just Want to Hear your Voice,
And Find Out if the Outer Beauty
Matches the Women from Within,

Then You Will Be in Shock,
When I show You, I Remember
this Entire Talk, So Slow it Down,
So I Can Repeat it Right Around,

It Will Catch you By Surprise
When I Look into Your Eyes
Tell You I Did not Memorise,
and I am not like all the other Guys,

Who Would Just Lie About Hearing You,
When I Give you that Dump Puppy Dog Stare,
I'm Showing You I care, But What do I do?
I Just want You to Know, I'm just that into You!"

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