Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Hundred and Three

Billy Was Always on the Run,
He Might have been Young,
But He Invented the Line,
"That Son of a Gun,"
Billy the Kid Would Stay Hid,
And Would Only Strike,
When You Least Suspected it,
He Was Just a Boy,
When He Mastered,
The Duel Action Toy,
The Older Man With the
Starry Badge Crown Vowed
To Take Billy Down,
The Law Wouldn't Allow a
Deal to Let Him Leave and
Flea the Town,
Pat Garrett Wouldn't Let Him Hop
On His Horse and Jet to Mexico,
The Kid Had His Final Regulate,
On that Night Billy met his Fate,
Sheriff Pat, Who Once was Billy's Bud,
Before Fame Turned Billy
Into a Western Stud,
The Sheriff Swore On his Life
and his Family Crest,
That Pat Put a Bullet
in Billy's Chest,
But it all Sounds Like a Bunch,
Of He Said, She Said to Me,
it Will and Always has,
Just Been a Mystery,
Why Can't We Dig Up
Billy and See?"
No Wait, that might Change
What was Spoken and
Damage History. Did You
Ever Stop to Think, Just Maybe
That Billy Did just Flea?
Maybe the Sheriff Let Billy Go,
Or Maybe Billy was too Fast
and the The Law was too Slow,
But You Best Believe,
that there's a Possability,
that Maybe,
Billy Lived to Be
A Hundred and Three."

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