Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elementry Mentalist

Laugh at all the Pop Out Books,
The Staff Gives You Happy Fake Looks,
Here Comes the Bully With a Bunch of Bad Ideas,
I'm not Crazy, Just Miss the Touch of a Lady,
And I'm Not Fond of my Partner, Scary Larry,
If You Don't Have Your Nicotine, that Could Make
Any Norm, Go Mean or Go Green, Don't Scream,
Here it Comes, Some more Happy People with Pills,
Don't Spill, Take this Pill to Have a Chill, and Then,
When You Get Home, Deal With Your Health Care Bill,
Smile Small, And they Won't Think Anything's Wrong at All,
Smile Wide, And It's Your Med's that they Will Divide,
Don't Tell them About the Ghost, They'll Put You on a Higher Dose,
I Got a Drower with my Name on it and More,
Put Your Right Foot in Front of You, Don't Do What You Wanna Do,
Listen to there Baby Talk, Paint a Little Pretty Rock,
Do a Little Thundershock, Don't Play with Your Cock,
Smash Your Cracker's in Your Soup, Pay Attention in Your Group,
Here's a Scoop Your a Fruit Loop, Don't Give Your Friend's a Love Tap,
Catch a Slap, Ignore that Door, When You Take a Nap,
Watch Your Back, Take a Bath, Build a Puzzle, Play a Game,
You Expect the Guy Your Gonna Play, is Always Gonna Cheat,
You Do the Same, To Show them Both, That Both of You, Are Insane,
It's Not Christmas, But take a Candy Kane,
If You Wanna Think Crazy, Take Your Buddy's Advice,
If You Wanna Prove that You Are, You Better Think Twice!
Don't Tell Them all Your Thoughts, Unless You Really Like Those Shots,
It's Not Wrong to Talk to That, But if it Talks Back then Ignore that Fact,
Don't Have a Temper When You Don't Get Your Way,
That Can Wait Some Other Day, It's Your Free time, So Go Play!
Being in a Mental Facility is Alot Like Elementry,
When it's All Over, Your Free! Yippie!"

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