Monday, October 19, 2009

Rodeo Roleplay

We Smile at are Friends when We have Company,
Listen to them Talk, They Sure Talk Alot,
When We Both Know What We Both Really Want,
Boy I Thought They Were Never Gonna Leave..
So I Turn On the Radio, Howdie I Hop Into the Bed
You Say "Cowboy You Want a Rodeo?" and then
There We Go!"
She Hate's Her Real Hair, But I Think Her's is Just Fine,
I Just Think it Would Look Better
With a Cowboy Hat On it Anytime,.."
I Don't Care How Far Your Underwear Shoots,
As Long As You Keep On those Cowboy Boots,
With Her Long Brown and Blue Eyes to my Surprise,
And Shaved Tan Leags Stretched to The Sky's,
Long Dark Jeans Might Conceal, But in those Mini-Skirts
I Can See and Feel Your True Sex Appeal,
As I Man My Sales and Pitch You a Deal, What a Steal?"
If You Wanna Get Down and Dirty, Bronco Buck me Honey,
I Won't Laugh at You, But if Fall, I admit that Would Be Funny,
If You Want to Dance, Take a Chance,
How Can I Give You Romance in My Stance,
If I Always Have to Pull Your Pants?"
Should I Leave my Hat On? "Cowboy You Talk to Much
Show Me Your Touch, Prove to me Your a Man,
Who Can Handle a Saddle.. Slap, Grabble and Pull,
Is What I Do, But Not to You, No, Not Unless,
You Really Want Me Too.

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