Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm Your Wolfman in the Morning
And in the Daytime at Work When Things are Boring,
Not Like TeenWolf with Michael J. Fox when He's Scoring
Not Like in the Movies, If You Got them,
Then I Like' them Kooties,
Sit Next to Me and I'll Be the One to Give You a Rub,
I'll Shake My Hair When I Leave that Tub,
If You are in the Mood For Love,
I Will Peck at Your Lips Like a Turtle Dove,
If You Want More, Then Like a Bear Give My Body a Hug,.
It Will Give Me a Shove,
If You Want to Know if I Will Never Let You Go
If It's a Full Moon and You Think I'm Gonna Leave,
Pull up Your Sleeve, Give me a Bark Like a Bitch in Heat,
And I Will Howl at Your Feet and Claw at Your Sheet,
Tell me to Sit and I'll Have a Seat.
I'll Look at You Like a Puppy with a Sad Face,
If You Point at the Floor, I'll Know my Place,
I'll Wait for You to Say "Come Here.."
I Ignore that Moon, Breathe by Your Ear, And Hold You Near,
I'll Gnarl at Your Bra, and Growl at Your Blouse,
As You Walk Away I See the Nighty's I Toar."
When Your Gone I Roar for More,
For it's You I Adore, When I Scratch at Your Door..
When You Leave.. I Don't Rub Against Trees,
Cause I Don't Care if I Got Fleas,
It's Your Face I Will Kiss Lick Attack,
If You Change Your Mind About That Stick,
I'll Bring it Back!"
I'm Loyal to Your Call, Even if it Were a Ball,
I'd Lend Out My Paw,
Your my Woman, Your My Love,
and There's Nothing Else in this World
I Favor More at All."

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