Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old Suicide Note

I Was Looking for Something One Day,
What it was I Can't Really Say,
Cause it Would Give the End of this Story Away,
That' When I Came Across my Old Highschool Notebook,
And I Decided to Take a Look..
And What I Started to Read
I Just Could Not Believe.."

It Said..
"I Saw You Walkin' Through the Autumn Ground,
Then When it Hit Me, I Tried not to make a Sound,
Because You Were Walkin' with another Guy,
But You Caught Me, and as we were Talkin'
It Was Hard to Hold these Tears, and try not to cry.
I Tried Holding it all in for Years, You Said Hello,
And i Said Goodbye, God, I Feel as if I want to Die,
She Doesn't Believe I Will Do it, For that I will Prove it.
They will have Eachother, Because She Love's Another,
Still Tell my Old Girl friend I Will Always Love Her..

My Stomach Became Sick and I Beagn to Think..
How Could I ever think those thoughts? That I thought
Way Back then, I Can Easily Say Now, Those Will Never
Cross my Mind, Ever Again, Why Would I
Give up My Final Breath, Just For a Bad Memory in My Head,
To Even think of Death, and want to be Dead,
When I Can Live Life, the Rest of My Life,
Over One Little Fling, Just Over One Little Thing,
Why Did I Even Give? It's Good Thing I Didn't,
Because I LIve, Here I Am, I'm Alive."

It Was An Old Suicide Note that I Had Wrote,
The Past Came Roarin in and my Heart Was in Pain,
But I Love Myself, For that Suicide never Came,
And Then that Old Note I Wrinkled Up,
Tossed it in the Trash, Then Never Loooked Back,
I Completely Closed that Door, And then I Finally
Came Across What I Was Actually Looking For,
After I Graduated, I Saved up All My Money just Get this,
And I'm Giving You this Golden Thing,
Because Your the Greatest thing,
To Ever Happen in my Greatful Life,
Could You Take this Ring And Become my Wife?"

And to this Day,
I Can't Imagine I Even Ever Though that Way,
When I Had Read that Old Note,
I'm So Glad I Didn't Follow through,
Because I Would Have Never Made My Dreams Come True
And I Would Have Never Met You.."

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